May 2020

Our CPAT Member Companies stand united as we navigate our common response to COVID-19.

In preparation and as we anticipate going back to production when the timing allows, our CPAT membership has unified to create a COVID-19 Task Force comprised of multiple sub committees addressing the wide range of issues that warrant careful consideration.

We know this will be a process that will take time, thought, stealth planning, research and group co-ordination. As leaders in our community we will continue to share information regularly, ensuring our lens is to provide a safe, measured and actionable way forward.

We all agree that keeping the Health and Safety of our community is front and centre and will continue to follow Toronto Public Health guidelines and those guidelines set forth by our levels of government.

Never before has there been more pressure on employers to deliver a safe work environment for our clients, crew and extended community.

We are all in this together and we will get through this together, united as one voice.

In kindness and health,

CPAT Member Companies

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